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    Complete Marketing Solutions

    We are a full-service hybrid marketing agency dedicated to Cannabis Companies. We specialize in this emerging market because of all the challenges and opportunities to push the boundaries and test the edges with new and exciting array of products and services that have amazing potential to do so much good in the world. We are exiting the dark days of Cannabis and bringing it to light for all to see.


    We start at the beginning. 

    We do a deep dive discovery with your Management Team and really get to know your company inside and out. You share your vision, mission and goals while taking us through where you are at in your business and where you wantt to be. From there, we  build a complete strategy inclusive of a marketing plan with measurable scorecards to keep you on track. 


    • Strategic Planning 
    • Marketing Plan
    • Investors Deck
    • Business Plan

    We grab the attention of your audience. 

    No matter where your customers can be found we will grab them and pull them in with enticing and thought provoking branding, website design, SEO, social media, email campaigns and more. From full service we do-it packages, to consulting services to teach your team 'to fish'  learning modules suited for goals as you scale and grow.

    • Branding
    • Website Design & Development
    • Social Media 
    • Email Campaigns 
    • Search Engine Optimization 

    What the heck do people think of this stuff? 

    From edibles to suppositories Cannabis is available in many new formats. We are here to help you test your goods with your potential consumers through data gathering, and analytics, our proprietary research methods, focus groups and taste testing will help you gain better insight into the potential market opportunties, questions and objections that may arise. 

    • Research
    • Data gathering
    • Analytics
    • Focus groups 
    • Taste testing 

    Go out and celebrate! 

    From private investor presentations, to taste testing parties, trade shows and full scale product launches, we have the tools, the team and the expertise to put the people in the same place at the same time to showcase your company and products.

    • Taste testing
    • In-Store demos
    • Trade shows
    • Product launch parties
    • Board retreats
    • VIP events 
    • Team building 

    Raise some green! 

    With a team of researchers, strategists and financial analysts, our business plan partners have a reputation for producing quality Business Plans that garner significant investment.  Through these business plans, US, Canadian and international clients have raised more than $1 billion in financing and completed more than 64 M&A transactions.

    • Investor Decks 
    • Business Plans 
    • Licensing 
    • IPO's
    • Executive Summaries 
    • Financial Projections

    When sh*t hits the fan, we will back you up not run away.

    We will help you create risk mitigation plans and have an Emergency response team in place ready to go without a missed step!

    • On demand response 
    • Crisis management 
    • Media relations 
    • Communication strategies 

    Consult. Build. Execute. Train.

    We CONSULT with local, provincial, federal and international cannabis businesses that are looking for partnership and holistic marketing support. Our business strategists will do a deep dive with your senior management team to BUILD a marketing strategy that aligns with your
    goals. We will EXECUTE your strategy with our team of experts without the need of you having an entire marketing department. We set you up for long term success. Then, we can TRAIN your team, monitoring your achievements, setting you
    up for long term success.
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